Product - Aluminium Paint

Aluminium Paint

Silver finish for pipes, metal gates, fences masonry and structural steel / excellent protection against water/moisture
Product - High Gloss Enamel

High Gloss Enamel

Smooth Solvent Based / Interior and Exterior use for wood, metal doors and walls
Product - Industrial Red Oxide

Industrial Red Oxide

Rust proof primer for metal and galvanized sheets/metals
Product - School Board Paint

School Board Paint

Smooth for chalk writing / for wood, metal board good quality alkyd based paint
Product - Swimming Pool Paint

Swimming Pool Paint

for base coat use, new or previously finished concrete / plaster swimming pool – chlorinated rubber pool paint
Product - Universal Undercoat

Universal Undercoat

For previously painted surface to kill the old color / can be used as undercoat for both oil based paints and water based paints to be applied after
Product - PVA Royal Coat

PVA Royal Coat

High Grade water based interior and exterior paint / Gives a smooth, matt look finish on the wall
Product - Roof Paint

Roof Paint

Durable acrylic economical roof paint to withstand the harsh climate / available in all colors
Product - PVA Weather Coat

Weather Coat

Contractor PVA Emulsion
Water based interior and exterior paint / gives a smooth matt look finish on the wall
Product - Road Line Paint

Road Line Paint

Fast drying matt finish / applicable on concrete and bituminous surface
Product - Silk Finish Washable

Silk Finish Washable

Water based paint / 100% washable, spatter resistant, durable and smooth finish / available in all colors
Product - Pink Wood Primer

Pink Wood Primer

Solvent based wood primer / for new and unpainted wood
Product - Plaster Primer

Plaster Primer

Suitable for cement plaster, gypsum plaster, concrete and fiber cement
Product - Egg Shell

Egg Shell

Provide decorative smooth finish on interior surfaces
Product Bonding Primer

Bonding Primer

Suitable for use as wall, floor and swimming pool concrete primer/sealer
Product Deco shield 20 ltr

Deco Shield

Superior exterior protection against extreme weather conditions and unwanted growth of algae, fungus and mildew

Epoxy Paint

Allied Products

Product - Battery Acid

Battery Acid

To be used in battery, appropriately diluted acid content for high performance
Product - Battery Water

Battery Water

Used to prolong the battery life
Product - Black Bituminous

Black Bituminous

For base coat use / recommended for skirting and good for underground metal tanks and galvanized pipes
Product - Brick & Stone Varnish

Brick & Stone Varnish

Excellent protection against peeling / gives clear gloss finish
Product - Clear Varnish

Clear Varnish

Excellent protection against peeling / gives clear gloss and smooth finish
Product - Contact Adhesive

Contact Adhesive

For bonding leather, formica, wood, PVC tiles, etc.
Product - Crack Filler

Crack Filler

Interior and Exterior use for filling the cracks in walls and floors
Product - Decoclean


Liquid detergent for industrial and domestic cleaning
Product - Paint Brush

Decotex Paint Brush

Use for applying oil and water based paints and varnishes
Product - Sanding Sealer

Sanding Sealer

For base coat use / very good for sanding and filling wooden surface
Product - Spirit of Salt

Spirit of Salt

Liberally pour into the basin, toilet pan or geyser to be cleaned / this can be use in blocked sewer drainage as well
Product - Vinyl Tile Adhesive

Vinyl Tile Adhesive

Excellent bonding strength for floor tiles
Product - Gloss Thinners

Gloss Thinners

Used for thinning any Gloss Paint
Product - Lacquer Thinners

Lacquer Thinners

Used for speed drying auto paints and other oil based paints
Product - Roof Seal

Roof Seal

Interior/Exterior all weather coating / chlorubber paint
Product - Wood Glue

Wood Glue

a multi purpose wood glue which give excellent adhesion to proposed board, hard & soft woods, paper, cupboards, etc.
Product - Wood Preservative

Wood Preservative

For base coat use / very good for skirting