Company info

Management of Decotex Paints Ltd ensures that the company maintain proper documentation, implement and maintain a total quality system for managing its business operations effectively. The company is the first in industry to obtain Zambia Bureau of Standard mark in 2007.

The company is innovative and customer focused since its inception. With its severe Established in 2nd may 2003, we have now become a largest player in paint industry in Zambia. The company has grown from humble beginning to one that strives to add new products to its pipe lines in order to serve and delight the customers who too buys allied products used along with painting purposes.

By identifying and meeting customer needs, Decotex Paints will continue to make products that will make Zambia import free in terms of paints and allied products.

Key Objectives of Decotex Paints

  • To align all its employees with a common quality system.
  • To drive improvement in quality.
  • To ensure that our products meet or exceed our Customer’s quality expectations.

Management of Decotex Paints limited ensures that Decotex Paint Limited establishes document, implement and maintains a quality system for managing its business operations effectively.

The company has obtained Zambia Bureau Standard mark.

Our customers define quality. Our goal is to:

-> Satisfy our customer’s needs and expectations.
-> Make commitments we fully understand and believe we can meet
-> Meet all commitments to customers on time.

Verify that our products meet agreed requirements. Monitor benchmarks and continuously improve our products, organization and employee performance.

Technical Services

Our technical department is available to give advice and guidance on all painting jobs. The technical department can also assist you in choosing the best color scheme for your job work.

Sales force

We have qualified sales staff to meet your requirements and give appropriate advice on selection of paints and allied products. For further details and one to one discussion, you can always contact our technical department at our office contact numbers.

Financial Capability

The share holders of Decotex Paints Ltd. have planned invested enough in operational capital so that the organization is capable enough to operate standalone on a min of four months production without further input. This ensures no stock run-out. Our company is proud to claim to have the strongest financial base in the paint industry in the country. The share holders are willing to pump in extra fund in forms of capital when need arises.

Product Pricing

We always try our level best to keep our products price in the range that will always be affordable to our esteemed customers. Our products comes in various grade and features depending upon the application of the paints and allied products. Our customer can choose from various color ranges and price ranges as per their purchasing capacity that meet the best possible quality and durable products of their choice.

Production Capacity

Our average production capacity is Eight Thousand (8,000) liters per day given that the plant runs for  8 hours shift for a day. We are capable of increasing our production capacity to the optimum in case of higher demand in the market, increasing our operational efficiency. All our standard range of products are available at any given time.

Distribution Network

Decotex paints is proud to have a larger network of distributors and retailers covering all the 8 provinces within Zambia, and some neighboring countries as well.

We cover 65 big and small cities in Zambia. To serve the growing need of paints in Lusaka itself, we have increased our operational flexibility and made our products available in almost every corner of Lusaka City. You can visit the nearest distributor of our products in your area and your product demand will be met at almost the same price we offer at our factory.

Research and Development

Decotex R&D department is built on the ground of experienced and qualified personnel with access to Hi-Tech equipment for analysis and research.

The R&D facility is responsible for:

-> Procedural and technological advancement our products and production processes.
-> Development of new products satisfying the need of our customers.
-> Development and implementation of new technological practices to minimize the environmental impact.

Operational Flexibility

We are capable of manufacturing any color of your choice in any volume as per your feasible time, given that prior notification should be given regarding your requirement and color choice, so that we can plan the production and delivery accordingly. Your will always be informed in advance about the lead time we require to process your order. Apart from that, we also offer free advice to our valuable clients on the best method to employ when doing paintwork.